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Precision cross carriage

Precision cross carriage compatible Schaublin 102 with integrated linear scale

Precision cross carriage



Cross carriage compatible for lathe Schaublin 102


Choice of screw pitch (1mm or 2mm), analog vernier scale (see pictures below), Chemical nickel lating, scraping, special version on request.


• Exact display of position regardless of the screw play (wear).
• Straight gib strip for optimal adjustment throughout the stroke.
• Possibility of remote display by Bluetooth® (Android, IOS).
• Axis display application with possibility of saving 99 tool references (available on Play Store and App Store).
• Easy disassembly and cleaning.
• Linear scale oil and cooling water resistant.
• Display protection class: IP64.
• Radius/diameter mode on X axis.

Precision cross carriage



Our precision tables


These tables are almost exclusively made of greyrncast iron (GG25) and all the surfaces are ground. An anodized aluminium version with inox screws can be obtained on demand. They are fitted with vernier scale, graduated to 1/100th of mm, and can be reseted to zero.

Load capacity

These tables can support heavy loads despite their small size. We advise to install integrated lubricationrnsystem on tables which must translate heavyrnloads (see page 21).


The simplicity and robustness of those tables require minimum maintenance. An occasional cleaning and a regular lubrication is enough to keep these tables in perfect condition.

Operating environment

Thanks to their robustness, these tables can operate in the toughest environments. We recommend the installation of protections (see page 21) when these tables are used in particularly dirty environments (dust, abrasive, metal chips, etc..)


Short vernier scale, handwheel, roller counter,rnangle drive, locking mechanism, pairing, differentrnmachining, integrated lubrication, protection systems,rnsurface coating (nickel plating, phosphaterncoating, etc…)

Sub-contract work

Most of our tables are delivered without fixing holes. This is why we will willingly provide all the sub-contracting work (machining, surface treatment, assembly of the equipment) on our tables, as well as any associated parts. So please do not hesitate to contact us for more informations.

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